The Difference Between Doers and Dreamers

When many people hear the word commitment, they automatically assume something negative. That they will have to be shackled in chains to something that they may not want for long periods of time, or in some instances a lifetime. This term comes into play in a great deal of things in life. Whether you’re signing a contract for a smart phone or you’re dealing with marriage nuptials, there are certain commitments that you will need to fulfill, they are important things that everyone will have to come to terms with.

For a moment, think about a world without commitments. Think about a world with relationships, but no commitment….jobs with no commitment. How quickly would society, in general, fall apart? Without commitment, no one would feed the homeless, no one would be married, no one would work long term anywhere, and there would be chaos. The importance of commitment fuels so many things that you can’t take it away, it’s an imperative thing to deal with and it’s the only way you could achieve anything that you would want to do in life.

Another good example of why you need commitment is when you are thinking about doing something great. For instance, let’s assume you wanted to be a championship level athlete. You would have to adhere to a strict diet, training regimen, and a lot more. You would not be able to simply rest on your laurels of natural talent, you would have to spend a great deal of time in the gym, sometimes a few times a day, and learn every little instance of the sport you are trying to compete in. Only after many years of repetition, focus, discipline, and work could you eve have a chance to compete at the professional level. Without the investment, natural talent doesn’t really take you very far, and you could end up losing out on that greatness.

Committing to something is not just for athletes; it’s for everyone in life. If you want to make money, if you want get married, if you want a car, if you want to do anything but sit on the couch you will need to come to grips with this very important aspect of life. It might take you years to succeed in any given arena but it’s those years that you end up learning the most and if you use all your senses and everything you’ve learned thus far you will make it to whatever heights you set as the ultimate glory.

It’s absolutely important to make sure that you’re committed to the idea that you can do anything. Without a sense of fearlessness when it comes to what your capable of, you will only falter when things get hard. It’s when the “potholes” in life come that you truly know whether or not you’re ready to meet the final steps in your goals. Once those goals are met, make new ones and keep challenging yourself, and you’ll see the greatest of the great.

If you want to become a lasting passive incomer, you need to be committed to your business goals. I can assure you that generating a passive income will not happen overnight. It takes time, a lot of patience, a good plan, and solid execution. If you don’t have a deep conviction regarding what your plans are and where they will lead you….you simply will not be committed to it. And this is where you really need to take a long, hard look at your level of commitment to what you are seeking to achieve. Is passive income something you really want regardless of what obstacles and resistance you may face? Are you really up to the challenge of dealing with the “potholes” on the road to your income destiny? Is this really worth fighting for? You need to ask yourself these questions and be real about it….is there anything more frustrating than getting involved in a plan and then dropping it halfway through? You start something and then you stop it for whatever reason. I’ve done that so many times in the past that it’s a sad shame. But once I understood what I was meant to do in life (my purpose), it made things a lot easier in the sense that my choices became limited and I mean that in a good way. From there, a plan was built and now I’m on the road to my income destiny. I want you to get on the road to your destiny and I’m excited about helping you get there.

Next Step: Re-examine your business plans and take a long, hard look to see if it you’re convicted by it. Do you believe in it? Can you vision yourself reaching each goal outlined in the plan? Are you mentally and emotionally prepared for temporary failures along the way?