SEO: Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Prior to optimizing your website for SEO purposes, you need to know what you are optimizing for. Locating the right keywords to hone your SEO efforts on can be difficult at best. But thankfully, there’s a ton of information out there and a with a well planned approach,  we can find the keywords that will meet our business objectives. As you know, keywords are what searchers type into a search engine.  Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will go out and fetch pull in the most relevant results for your search term based on all they know about you and all the other content on the entire internet. But, understand that search engines have a difficult time understanding what a user is really wants unless it’s spelled out. This is why you probably entered a more descriptive term as you did not find what you were looking for after the initial search.

So imagine, people all over the world are entering all sorts of keywords every second of every hour of every day. It’s important for us to understand what they type in so that we can optimize our web pages to be in the search results for those terms.

Basic Keyword Research

Formal keyword research is the foundational piece in SEO that will help you understand what people are typing into search engines. How frequently they do it and how relevant those terms are to your business objectives and how competitive those terms will be to try to rank for.

Keyword Research Example

Let’s take an example…say you sell custom belts. You might think that the keyword “belts” is something you want to rank for, but after you have completed some basic keyword research, you will probably find that keyword won’t make your list. Why? Even though that word gets typed into search engines with a very high rate, think about its relevance. How many reasons would someone type the word belt into a search box? They could be looking for custom belts or handmade belts or leather belts or whatever. It could be one of several possibilities…who knows. Regardless, their intentions may have absolutely nothing to do with buying a belt. Then consider how many other online entrepreneurs are out there building a website with the hopes of selling belts – let alone, all the other sites currently selling belts. You can see how this is a very competitive term.

Now think about a phrase such as “buy handmade custom brown leather belt” might not get entered as much into Google (low search volume), but could be extremely relevant and, more than likely, not that competitive. Keywords such as this will more than likely be one that you will optimize a web page for.

Well, that was just a little about keywords and keyword research…so, let’s talk about keyword planning. A solid, well thought out, effective keyword research plan entails having a fundamentally sound and structured approach that will result in the discovery of keywords that you can use in the content of your web pages. A keyword research plan will provide you the information you need to make sound decisions about which keywords to use and which ones to avoid based on relevancy and profitability. With billions and billions of search terms entered into search engines each month, it’s extremely important that we understand your keyword research goals and process.