SEO: Develop A Strategy Now

For those of you that own a business, you need to realize that there are some clear benefits to having an effective, ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in place. We all know that users actually offer up their online intent with the words they type into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And unlike any time in the past, you can get a good indication of how effective your SEO strategy as a marketing channel.

Even though search engines do not charge you for listing your website, developing and implemeting your SEO strategy will certainly not be free. You will definitely have to put in some time, money, and additional resources to do SEO the right way. The results should help you tremendously with your marketing reach, pull in more targeted visitors, and help you determine if your are getting a good return-on-investment (ROI) from your SEO strategy.

Everyday, more content appears on the internet and your potential buyers really need search engines to help maneuver through it all. The larger the internet gets, the more your potential buyers will rely on search engines to find what they want. Users search the internet for just about everything: to shop, find restaurants, research plane ticket pricing, find news and so much more. Just about everything we do on the internet begins with a search. Wouldn’t you agree? And the tools we use to search goes beyond a laptop or desktop. Thanks to the growth of digital communications, now we are using tablets and smartphones, too. This enables us to do a search from literally every city, state, country, and continent in the world.

The intentions or actions of a user can be determined by what they are searching for. Identifying the intentions or actions is what market research is all about. If a user searches for “white water rafting in Arizona” or where to buy “cowboy boots”, it would be simple for a marketer to understand and react to those search requests. The role of search engines is to bring together a users’ search query with web pages that match their query. And if you sell cowboy boots, that means that you can create relevant, matching content that targets the needs of the user/searcher at the absolute right moment. A solid, well-designed SEO strategy should be able to provide you with a consistent flow of the most intentional, targeted traffic on the internet.

Although that sounds great, what’s even more important is the ability to measure your results. A good SEO plan should be able to do that for you. Analytical data gathered from your website should be able to tell you over time,  only if your SEO strategy is working (meaning, how successful the strategy is in pulling in visitors from search engine queries and if their actions reflect what you want to achieve).

You can also evaluate the effectiveness of your web content and determine if your the sales flow/sales funnel is correct. Plus, you can see what those visitors are doing or not doing on your website. By monitoring and measuring the data you collect, you should be able to determine your SEO ROI. So, take the time to develop a good, solid, fundamental SEO strategy now and you will reap the benefits later.