Make Passive Income with Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Part 6

The WP Comparison Chart Plugin is one that I must utilize when building comparison charts for my review sites. This plugin allows you to easily build vertical, scalable, professional-looking comparison charts within WordPress (see example below of a digital camera comparison chart) that convert visitors to sales:


For each digital camera listed above, there is a correlating WP post (i.e, there would be a post named “Canon Powershot SD 850 IS and Nikon CoolPic S630, etc.). The data (i.e. “Width” with a value of 3.9 in, “Depth”, “Height”, etc.) shown above is stored in WP post “Custom Fields”.

The “Read Review” button will link to your product review page which in turn is linked to Amazon’s product listing page and that’s where you let the Amazon do what it does best……convert. You job is to ensure you have relevant, meaningful, supportive data in the comparison charts.

Here is a link to a WP Comparison Chart tutorial.

Below, you will see one of my comparison charts from my niche site: