Make Passive Income with Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Part 5

Installing and Configuring Wordress

  • Log into your webhosting account
  • Install WordPress on your domain
  • Document your WordPress Admin Login URL (wp-admin link, i.e.
  • Document your username and password (Note: I highly recommend changing the username and password – make the password a minimum of 12-characters and a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols)
  • Go back to cPanel and create a “” email account
  • Logout of cPanel
  • Go to your WordPress Admin Login URL and login
  • Highlight “Settings” in the menu on your left and click “General”


  • Change the “Site Title” and “Tagline” – should include one of your keywords or keyword phrases (i.e. Site Title – Top Ten Portable USBs, Tagline – A Complete Review Of The Best Portable USBs On The Market)
  • Under “Settings”, click on “Permalinks” and under “Common Settings” select “Post name”
  • Click on the “Users” tab and select “Edit” which will appear directly under your admin username


  • For those of you that have a Google + account, change your “First Name” and “Last Name” to match your Google account
  • Change your “Nickname”
  • Change “Display name publicly as” to your nickname
  • Change the “Email address” to match the email address you created earlier
  • Scroll down and click “Update Profile”

Installing and Configuring ProReview Theme

  • Move your mouse over “Appearance” and select “Themes”


  • Click the “Install Themes” tab near the top of the page and click the “Upload” link
  • Click the “Browse” button and drill-down to your file and click “Open”
  • Then click “Install Now” and “Activate”

Below, you will find some tutorials on how to configure the ProReview Theme:

Changing The Layout

Changing The Header

Changing The Logo

Changing The Background

Using Custom Widgets

Setting Up The Overview Box

Using Shortcodes (you need to understand this)


You can use Amazon’s pictures of their products for you products as well. Typically, I will create a folder for each niche and then subfolders folders for each product. Within those subfolders is where I store my product reviews, pictures, etc.

Next tutorial will cover “Installing and Configuring WordPress Plugins”