Make Passive Income with Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Part 2

Just wanted to take a moment to discuss the cost of building an Amazon Affiliate Site. I’m sure there are ways to build one of these types of sites for free, but I will only outline what has worked for me. And what has worked and continues to work, comes with a price. Some of the cost can be recouped over time as you build out your Affiliate Sites. For any “one-time” cost, I did spread that cost out over one year. Why? I don’t know, I guess it makes me feel better to see it broken down in a more “wallet-friendly” way – also, gives me an idea of when the site will become profitable.

In a later post, I will discuss in-depth some of the tools below. So, let’s get to it:

Keyword Research

  • Market Samurai for keyword research (*one-time payment of $149) or Long Tail Pro (**one-time payment of $97 or $97 + $17 a month for access to additional features)

Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro are both outstanding keyword research tools. I’m not going to get dragged into the argument of which is the better keyword research tools as both have their pros and cons. I will say that I have used Market Samurai Pro a little longer than Long Tail Pro and thus have a bit more affinity for Market Samurai….not taking anything at all away from Long Tail Pro. In our Niche Site and SEO tutorials, we will use Market Samurai in conjunction with Google Adwords (formerly known as the Google Keyword Tool) to perform our keyword research.

*$12.42 a month for one year
**$8.08 a month for one year or $25.08 a month for the first year and then $17 per month thereafter

Web hosting

  • Bluehost ($4.95 per month – typically, your initial payment will be 3/6/12 months of hosting) – Yes, I’ve been with them for years and am very pleased with their service and support. To signup and setup a WordPress site is easy and practically hassle-free. Plus, their support is top-notch….I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Bluehost.
  • Nuancehost ($1.75 per month – typically, your initial payment will be 1/12 months of hosting) – If you’re looking for a low-cost, entry-level jump into the shared hosting space, NuanceHost is the right host for you. They offer affordable price to make building your web presence from scratch as stress-free on you, and your wallet, as possible. Like most shared hosting providers, NuanceHost does not limit bandwidth or storage space, so long as your site’s requirements fall within the “normal range,” as sustained by 99.5 percent of their client base.
  • Domain Name (*$9 – $11 or $1.75 per month) – We will purchase the domain name after we complete our keyword research

*up to $.92 a month


  • ProReview Template (*$69 – $119 or $9.92 per month for one year, $119 license can be used for resale, meaning you can flip the site if you choose to do so and the buyer/purchaser will not have to purchase another license)

The ProReview Theme is still one of the best review themes on the market today. With a simple, easy to use options panels to control the professional look and feel of the theme, the ability to add reviews and blog post, custom review sliders, visitor ratings system, and more, the ProReview Theme continues to be my favorite theme.

*Up to $9.92 a month for one year


This WordPress plugin will be used to build our product comparison charts. Display ratings, custom fields, or preset sections like buy buttons, visit buttons, icons, etc. Divide chart sections into groups. Easily re-order the chart by dragging and dropping.

**$2.42 per month for one year


Content Creation/Articles

You will use your oDesk Virtual Assistants to write at least two pieces of content a week (one article and one product review). Typically, what I will do is have my VA complete a 500-word product review along with a 750 article. I’ll add content to both reviews and articles so they may typically end up being 600+ word reviews and 850+ word articles.

Another good way to obtain product reviews is by visiting niche forums or blogs and getting the word out, in a subtle way, that you are interested in having a review written by a product’s owner. You’ll be surprised at how effective this approach can be in attracting product reviewers. You may pay more, but it will be worth it. Be sure to create a product review template in Word or Google Docs, then send that to the reviewer as a guideline that they will follow when writing the review. The template should include “Features”, “Specifications”, “Pros and Cons”, “What’s Included”, “First Test or My First Week/Month With The….”, and “My Final Thoughts”.

*Up to $38 per month

After reviewing the cost, you can see that your minimum cost to get started will be around $275. Now, of course, you can trim and customize the cost as you see fit, but I just wanted to provide you with my Niche Site startup cost. Also, notice that I did not include any SEO cost as we will be building the initial links, if any at all, manually. Our next tutorial will be a review of the plugins that we will need for the site.