How To Choose The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is, without a doubt, one of the most impacting decisions you will make in the early stages of your business. Why? Because the domain name truly is a part of your brand and will certainly appear on nearly all of your marketing materials.

Please keep in mind that your important keywords (remember, you will identify your critical keywords using the Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai or Long Tail Pro) will be used in your domain. Why? Because of how Google ties text  advertisements and indexed websites to the search terms that users enter.

Although Good can index the content of millions of websites and can also find certain searched words in web pages, it is still the domain name that helps Google when it comes to relevancy. For example, if a user searches for “blue widgets” and the domain name has those keywords in it, to Google that’s a strong indication that the website may contain relevant information for the searcher. Google will also take the extra step of highlighting (in bold) the search terms each time they appear. For you, that means your domain name may appear in bold when listed in Google as a result of a search term that matches.

Google Penguin Updates and Exact Match Domains

There is one catch, though. Exact match domains (EMDs) with low-quality content were targeted by Google last year in an effort to crack down on spammy sites showing up in their search results. Let’s say you owned a website named “”, but you fill the web pages with useless crap. You did your research and noticed the Google “Local Search Results” would translate into a decent amount of traffic if you SEO’ed your site just right. Lo and behold, after a period of time, your site ends up on the first page of a Google search result for “blue widgets”. Things are going good as your site is on cruise control. Your making good Adsense and Amazon commissions. Then, BOOM!!!! Your site slides down the search results pages until its nowhere land. EMD-centered websites with low-quality content will suffer…..and rightfully so. Don’t blame Google…..blame the site owner.

What If BlueWidgets “.com” Is Taken?

Now, let’s say you are ready to purchase a domain (from Bluehost, of course…..wink, wink), but it’s taken. You really wanted a “.com”, but Big Dave (that’s me) snapped it up instead. There’s a few things you can do….

1. Buy the domain name as a .net or another TLD (top-level domain)
2. Change the order of your keywords in the domain name
3. Contact the owner of the domain name and determine their interest in selling it for a reasonable price

The idea is to identify as many keyword combinations as you can prior to searching for a domain name.

Beware Of Trademarks

You should also make sure the name does not infringe on any existing trademark. You can find this out at Just keep in mind, the norm is names that are unique in a certain market will more than likely be protected. Whereas, descriptive names probably are not protected. Be sure you check into this…

Once your business has gathered some steam and is making you money on a monthly basis, if you choose to, you can sell your website for a nice price. There are sites that you can go to for help in determining your site’s value, but in a nutshell, the value is 5 – 10x the monthly income from the site. For example, if your site is pulling in $100 a month, then you can probably find someone will to buy it for somewhere in the range of $500 – $1000. That’s just a rough estimate and for those that are looking for a quick sell.

Next Steps:

1. Mix and match your keywords – find as many combinations as possible
2. Check for possible trademark issues
3. Go to Bluehost (you can use the Bluehost link on the right-hand side of this page) or to any other reputable web host and purchase your domain name