4 Steps To Sharpen Your Focus

Think about a world champion, look at their face and eyes, they seem to tune in on exactly what they are going to do and then they execute with precision. What you don’t see in that moment of execution, the moment that they reach for glory is the practice, learning, training, working, and the sleepless mornings and nights that are spent working out the kinks in their game. That, you see, is their priority. The importance of focus is a matter of execution when it matters most, when things seem at their most difficult…that is their ability to concentrate on execution.

Without several components working is sync with one another, the drive to succeed would be diminished. Think about it for a moment, the star athlete that wins it all for their team, and fights tooth and nail, reaches the heights of success but not without serious development of their unique ability to prioritize and focus. There is what seems like a super natural element to them, but if you narrow it down, it’s just a matter of them wanting something so badly and then going through all the motions, taking each step required to achieve their dream(s).

You and many others might think that you know what it’s like to focus, what it’s like to train, but many never achieve their dreams as they lack the ability to properly prioritize and focus on what’s needed to get to the next level. If that sounds like something you’re experiencing, let me tell you, you can begin to turn it around today. As a matter of fact, right now.

Focus On Your Strengths

Some folks stop looking to do the necessary things needed to reach their full potential. It’s easy for some to turn off their brain and watch television for a few hours, eat some ice cream and go to bed. Their focus is limited and priorities in disarray. It’s simply hard for some to develop the concentration and priority skills required to move forward in whatever plans they have in life. Your focus needs to be specific…meaning on your strengths. What do you do well that can be useful in where you are trying to go? Focus on that…put your energy and resources into it. Stop wasting time and energy on those things you do not do well. Identify your strengths and capitalize on them.

What About My Weakness?

Minimize them. You have to keep your weakness limited and, if need be, delegate tasks that could expose them. Stop spending time and energy trying to cultivate your weaknesses. If you are not good at planning, delegate it……not good at managing inventory, delegate it…..not good at taking calls, delegate it (remember my post on Virtual Assistants?).  Delegate your weaknesses and move on.

This is not a call for you to be a superstar athlete but it is a way to wake you up. Think about anything in your life that isn’t at its absolute optimum. Seriously, think about it and then look to see how you can change things up by adding more focus, concentration, and prioritization to your routine. Whether it’s waking up early to run, or it’s hitting the gym when you feel absolutely exhausted from work. Think of things that you’ve classified as too hard to get done, prioritize them and then make it happen. Start small and work your way to what you perceive is your ultimate goal. Think about that strongly, and you will see why it’s imperative that you focus on things that are going to help you succeed. It starts with small things and then exponentially grows into greatness. Ask a world champion, and you’ll get the same answers.

Next Steps:

  1. Prioritize – Sit down and document each step it takes to get to where you want to go. This goes beyond building a passive income stream as it may apply to several areas of your life.
  2. Identify your strengths – don’t just think about them…document them on a piece of paper, in your smart phone, tablet, or PC.
  3. Create a plan to build on your strengths – take classes, watch videos, listen to podcast, read books. Do what it takes to cultivate your strengths. Whatever path you take, make sure it’s done at least once a week.
  4. Delegate your weaknesses – Team up with someone that is strong in the area you are weak in. See if they are willing to help you out. If they share your vision (building a passive income), then I’m sure they will be willing to assist in some manner or at least point you in the right direction.